Clown frogfish / Warzen Anglerfisch

(Antennarius maculatus)


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This tiny Clown Frogfish was hunting in about 3 meters depth in Nudi Retreat in Lembeh. We found it just at the end of our dive. So I took a half empty tank from the boat, went in again and took plenty of time to take some great photos.


Dieser winzige Anglerfisch jagte in etwa 3 Meter Tiefe in Nudi Retreat in Lembeh. Leider waren wir eigentlich schon mit unserm Tauchgang am Ende. Also nahm ich einen halbleeren Tank vom Boot und tauchte nochmals ab - genug Zeit um einige Super-Fotos zu machen.



Size: 8 - 10cm
Habitat: Coral reefs, lagoons and seaward reefs down to 30m depth
Range: Red Sea, Indo-Pacific to Society Islands
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Grösse: 8 - 10cm
Vorkommen: Korallenriffe, Lagunen, Aussenriffe bis ca. 30m tief
Verbreitung: Rotes Meer, Indopazifik bis Society Inseln
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Housereef El Dorado, Dauin, Negros, Philippines, August 2000

This frogfish is only about 7cm large. On this photo you can see the warts and the specially shaped second dorsal spine with the membrane (look at this picture of a yellow clown frogfish). The clown (or warty) frogfish has a long lure that it likes to wave up and down.

This frogfish was perched at the same place for over 6 weeks (as proven by comparing photos taken in July and August), a bunch of orange sponge on top of a large tablecoral. We found it there day and night.

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