Velvet snail / Samtschnecke

(Coriocella hibyae)

velvet snail - Samtschnecke

If you see this snail, your first thought is, that it is just a sponge. It is extremely well camouflaged, it even has "siphon holes" like a sponge.

The english name of this snail is my translation from the German "Samtschnecke". It might have another name in English. I had seen this snail only once in the Maldives, where they are smaller. Look at this different species (Chelyonotus semperi) with the beautiful black and blue patterns.

North Twins (south), Burma, 11.4.99

Taken with a Sea and Sea Motomarine II EX , 1:3 lens, F 22

. Copyright Teresa Zubi