Spidercrab and vermetid worm shell

Tuberkel Spinnenkrabe und Wurmschnecke

(Cyclocoeloma tuberculata and Dendropoma maxima)

spidercrab and vermetid worm shell - Spinnenkarabbe und Wurmschnecke

A curious crab looks at the opening of a vermetid worm shell.

tubercle spidercrab - Tuberkel Spinnenkrabbe

This crab looks like this from close up (taken on a night dive).

The tubercle crab carries on its back and legs small anemones or tunicates (symbiosis). I like this crab, because it looks as if it had a tuft of hairs on his head! Look at this photo of a crab without its covering.

Cabilao island, Bohol, Philippines, February 2001

Taken with a Sea and Sea Motomarine II EX , 1:2, F 22

. Copyright Teresa Zubi