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There is a Copyright on all photos and maps. Please write to me, if you want to use some of them. Some of the frogfish photos are from other divers and photographers. There is a link on their photo - ask them directly, please.


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Texts about marine animals

The texts are based on what I have observed while diving, on books I have read and films I have seen. Everything is to my best knowledge, but of course there can be mistakes...


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Reports about dive areas

Non commercial

I try to give you an impression of the dive areas without exaggerating or glossing over unpleasant things. If I have seen damage to the corals or heard dynamite explosions under water I will write so. I steadily refuse to make special promotion of any dive operators - this site is not sponsored by anybody. If I believe a dive area is over promoted I also will mention it.

Fact sheets

The fact sheets are not influenced by anybody paying me money (or giving me free diving). The dive operators don't have any influence on my reports (although some have tried....). If I mention some dive operators in my report, it is because they have given me extra information about certain dive areas or they are the only dive operator in the area.

Regular updates

I put a lot of work into my pages, so they are up to date (see updates), because I believe that old information is not interesting for anybody.

I write about what I know

I write if possible only about places I have visited and the marine animals I have seen there (there are some dive operators, if they saw the tail of a whale shark once, they promote their place with a "whale shark season"). If I haven't been there, but the information is needed to round out the description of that particular dive area, I will research (internet and talk to divers that have been there) and add a short text about the area.

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