The 44 species of fishes endemic to the Galápagos
A selection of other species of fishes seen in the Galápagos (with photos)

List of endemic species compiled from the book by Jack Grove and Robert J. Lavenberg: The Fishes of the Galápagos Islands, Standford University Press, 1997 - Underwater photos taken in the Galapagos islands - For details search in Fishbase

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Dibranchus sp.

Blennies (Labrisomid)

Dialommus fuscus - Galápagos four-eyed blenny

Labrisomus dendriticus - Bravo clinid

Labrisomus jenkinsi - Jenkins' blenny

Malacoctenus zonogaster - Belted blenny

Starksia galapagensis - Galapagos blenny

Blennies (Triplefin)

Lepidonectes corallicola - Galapagos triplefin blenny - photos on starfish

Blennies (Tube-)

Acanthemblemaria castroi - Galapagos barnacle blenny

Chaenopsis schmitti - Yellow-mouth pikeblenny

Ekemblemaria sp.

Brotulas (Viviparous)

Calamopteryx jeb

Ogilbia deroyi - Deroy's cuskeel

Ogilbia galapagosensis - Galapagos cuskeel

Ogilbia ventralis - Gulf cuskeel

Ogilbia sp.


Apogon atradorsatus - Blacktip cardinalfish - photos on starfish


Arcos poecilophthalmos - Galapagos clingfish

Cutlassfishes (Trichiuridae)

Lepidopus manis - Ghost scabbardfish


Odontoscion eurymesops - Galapagos croaker

Pareques perissa - Odd highhat

Umbrina galapagorum - Galápagos drum

Eels (Cusk-)

Ophidion sp.

Eels (Conger)

Heteroconger klausewitzi - Galapagos garden eel - More information on starfish

Eels (Snake)

Apterichtus equatorialis - Finless eel

Callechelys galapagensis - snake eel


Chriolepis tagus - Mystery goby

Elacatinus nesiotes - (Malepo)

Lythrypnus gilberti - Galapagos blue-banded goby


Orthopristis forbesi - Galapagos grunt - Gringo - Roncador de Galapagos - photos on starfish - More information on starfish

Xenichthys agassizi - white salema - More information on starfish

Xenocys jessiae - blackstriped salema - photos on starfish - More information on starfish


Opisthonema berlangai - Galapagos thread herring


Girella freminvillii Sea chubs

Moray (False-)

Chlopsis bicollaris - Bicolor false moray


Mugil galapagensis - Galapagos mullet


Archosargus pourtalesii - Blackspot porgy


Sphoeroides angusticeps - Narrow-headed puffer


Pontinus strigatus - Stalkeye scorpionfish

Sea basses, groupers

Mycteroperca olfax - Sailfin grouper

Paralabrax albomaculatus - Camotillo - More information on starfish

Serranus stilbostigma


Prionotus miles - Galapagos gurnard


Eleotrica cableae - Cable's goby

Stargazers (Sand)

Dactyloscopus lacteus - Milky sand stargazer

Myxodagnus sagitta

Platygillellus rubellulus - Shortfin sand stargazer


Xyrichtys victori - Galapagos razorfish


Perhapos endemic

Azurina eupalama - Galapagos damsel (perhaps not endemic?)

Calamus taurinus - Galapagos porgy (perhaps endemic)

Heterodontus quoyi - Galapagos bullhead shark (perhaps endemic) - More information on starfish - shark foundation

Ogcocephalus darwini - Galápagos red-lipped batfish (probably not endemic)

Opistognathus galapagensis - Galapagos jawfish (perhaps endemic)

Paraliparis galapagosensis (perhaps endemic)

Stegates arciformes - Stegastes arcifrons - Island major (perhaps not endemic?)


Other fishes seen in the Galapagos (click here for photos of all the fishes below)

Acanthurus nigricans - goldrimmed surgeonfish - More information on starfish

Abudefduf troschelii - Panamic sergeant major - More information on starfish

Aetobatus narinari - White-spotted eagle ray - Gefleckter Adlerrochen

Antennarius avalonis - Roughbar frogfish - More information on starfish - frogfish-pages

Antennarius sanguineus - Bloody frogfish - More information on starfish - frogfish-pages

Antennatus strigatus - Bandtail frogfish - More information on starfish - frogfish-pages

Arothron hispidus - Whitespotted puffer - Weissfleck Kugelfisch

Arothron meleagris - Guineafowl puffer - Sternen-Kugelfisch

Bodianus-diplotaenia - Mexican hogfish -Mexikanischer Schweinslippfisch

Bodianus eclancheri - Harlequin wrasse - More information on starfish

Cantherhines dumerili - Yelloweye filefish (barred filefish) - Gelbschwanz Feilenfisch

Canthidermis sufflamen - Ocean triggerfish - Ozean-Drückerfisch

Canthigaster punctatissima - Spotted sharpnosed puffer - Kugelfisch

Caranx sexfasciatus - Bigeye trevally (Jackfish) - Grossaugenmakrele

Carcharhinus falciformis - silky shark - More information on starfish - shark foundation

Carcharhinus galapagensis - Galapagos shark - More information on starfish - shark foundation

Cephalopholis (Epinephelus) panamensis - Pacific graysby - Pazifik Zackenbarsch

Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus - Coral hawkfish (Pixy hawkfish) - Gefleckter Korallenwächter

Cirrhitus rivulatus - Giant hawkfish - Riesen-Büschelbarsch

Dasyatis brevis - Whiptail or Diamond Stringray - Diamant Stechrochen

Dermatolepis dermatolepis - Leather bass -Leder-Zackenbarsch

Epinephelus labriformis - Starry grouper - Sternen-Zackenbarsch

Gymnothorax dovii - Speckled moray - fine spotted moray

Gymnomuraena zebra - Zebra moray eel - More information on starfish

Haemulon scudderi - golden-eyed grunt

Hippocampus ingens - Pacific seahorse - More information on starfish

Holacanthus passer - King angelfish - More information on starfish

Iniistius pavo (Xyrichtys pavo) - Peacock razorfish - Blauer Schermesserfisch

Johnrandallia nigrirostris - Blacknosed butterflyfish - More information on starfish

Lutjanus viridis - Blue and gold snapper - Blau-Goldener Schnapper

Manta hamiltoni - Pacific Manta Ray - Pazifischer Mantarochen

Mobula tarapacana - Chilean Mobula - Tarapacana Teufelsrochen

Mola mola - ocean sunfish - More information on starfish

Mycteroperca olfax - Sailfin grouper - Bacalao - More information on starfish (no photos)

Myrichthys tigrinus - Spotted snake-eel - gefleckter Schlangenaal

Novaculichthys taeniourus - Rockmover wrasse (dragon wrasse) - Brauner Bäumchenfisch

Ophioblennius steindachneri - Large-banded blenny - Panama Schleimfisch

Ostracion meleagris - Spotted trunkfish (boxfish) - Weisspunkt-Kofferfisch

Oxycirrhites typus - Longnose hawkfish - Langnasen Büschelbarsch

Paralabrax albomaculatus - Camotillo - More information on starfish (no photos)

Paranthias colonus - Pacific creole-fish - Gringo (Grunzer) - More information on starfish

Prionurus laticlavius - Razor surgeonfish - More information on starfish

Rhincodon typus - whale shark - More information on starfish

Scarus perrico - Bumphead parrotfish - Papageifisch

Scorpaena (plumieri) mystes - Pacific spotted scorpionfish - Pazifik Skorpionfisch

Sectator ocyurus - Bluestriped chub - Blaustreifen-Ruderfisch

Stegastes beebei - Southern whitetail major

Sphyraena idiastes - Pelican barracuda - Pelikan Barracuda

Sphyrna lewini - scalloped hammerhead shark - More information on starfish - shark foundation

Sphyrna mokarran - great hammerhead shark - More information on starfish - shark foundation

Sphyrna zygaena - smooth hammerhead shark - More information on starfish - shark foundation

Taeniura meyeni - Black-blotched stingray - Schwarzpunkt-Stachelrochen

Trachinotus stilbe - Steel pompano - Pompano

Zanclus cornutus - Moorish idol - Halfterfish

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