Some like it wet!

What I like best about scuba diving is the incredible feeling of floating and soaring with the water currents

pelagic fishes (sunfishes, mackerels, barracudas, napoleon wrasse) - Starfish Photos - Fotos von Grossfischen (Mondfische, Makrelen, Barrakudas, Napoleon Lippfische)

My main motivation to make this website was to share my interest for marine animals with as many people as possible and thus perhaps help to preserve the unique coral reef habitats. It's also been a lot of fun and I learned a lot in the process!

My main interests lie with marine critters. My favorite marine animals: frogfish (large seperate website), ghostpipefish, dragonets, Rhinopias, nudibranchs. Before diving with a camera, I used to take a magnifying glass along, so I could observe their behavior. I like to do muckdiving (diving on sand and rubble and searching for hidden animals) or diving far away form the usual dive areas, for example on a liveaboard.

In September 2014 I put online a PDF-book about frogfishes, which you can download for free: Frogfish-book for download

I've been diving since 1994, I'm a certified PADI divemaster with over 2000 dives. I dive mostly in Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia (East coast and Borneo), Burma, Thailand, Philippines) and in the Red Sea, Oman but have also been to the Galapagos islands.

Zubi with banana underwater

As a typical warmwater-diver I only know a few dive sites in Switzerland such as the Verzasca river.
I live in the German part of Switzerland and I work with kids. One of my projects is a page about pyramid building - click here to have a look: - check it out!

Zubi with banana underwater

Zubi with banana underwater

Zubi in (cold!) water with emergency rations (banana attached to the right side of the tank). Please notice my efforts at color coordination - yellow banana and yellow mask and gloves!

Zubi with dummy

On my 700th dive (this is my alternative air supply in case of emergency)

Zubi outside the water

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We leave nothing behind but bubbles
We take nothing but impressions
We kill nothing but time....